As promised, I have added more live EFI training class dates for 2013.  There will likely be a few more coming as I confirm locations with my host companies across the country.  Also, those reading carefully will notice a few things.

The Advanced GM calibration class is now a one-day workshop that picks up where the two GM Tuning DVDs left off.  These are now the homework for the live class, but this leaves us open to go more in depth than previously before and address some of the topics that other classes can’t even begin to accurately discuss.

I have also added a new class, “Standalone ECU Tuning”.  This class will specifically address tuning of standalone ECUs that are often used in street rods, dedicated race cars, or in the case of our demo vehicle: engine swaps.  This class will follow some of the lessons laid out in my second book (Designing and Tuning High Performance Fuel Injection Systems) as we discuss initial setup and starting of new engines, tuning VE tables from scratch, and exploring some of the latest features available like boost control and data acquisition.

With the success of the first “GM Beginner’s Tuning Guide” DVD, a more advanced followup disc is available now.  The "GM Tuning Advanced Guide" is available through Summit Racing Equipment or Fish Tuning.

Ford Tuners, we now have world class home training available for you as well. The "Ford Tuning Advanced Guide" DVD is available now through Summit Racing Equipment. This disc covers many of the topics covered in the SCT Advanced Dealer Training course and will help you understand and control the electronic drive by wire system with confidence.


Calibrated Success is still offering the best EFI training in the industry.  Period.  Here’s your chance to learn directly from an experienced insider who can explain the complex topics in plain English.  Anyone is welcome to attend, from the beginner to the seasoned shop owner or professional calibrator.
If you’re just getting started learning about Fuel Injection or just want to brush up on something you might have been missing, take a look at the “Secrets of EFI Calibration” course here.
If you’re already familiar with the basics and want to step up your tuning game, take a look at the manufacturer specific advanced courses here.


The guys from GM High-Tech Performance attended a session of “Secrets of EFI Calibration”.  Check out the photos and see what they had to say about the class here.


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Want to learn more about engine calibration from your favorite reading chair? Greg Banish has taken his experience and literally written the book(s) on EFI calibration. Click here to view the book summaries and DVD option.

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Upcoming Live


February 16-17, 2013
Secrets of EFI Calibration
Pompano Beach, FL

Redline Motorsports

March 2nd, 2013
GM Advanced Workshop
Pompano Beach, FL

Redline Motorsports

May 18-19, 2013
Secrets of EFI Calibration
Milford (Detroit), MI

Pro Tuning LLC


June 15th, 2012
GM Advanced Class
Milford (Detroit), MI
Pro Tuning LLC

June 20-21, 2013
Standalone ECU Class
Milford (Detroit), MI

Pro Tuning LLC